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Vertical home spray dryer equipment

Vertical spray drying equipment is suitable for homes, universities, research institutes and laboratories of food, medicine and chemical companies to produce micro-particle powder. Spray drying has wide applicability to all solutions such as emulsions and suspensions, and is suitable for heat-sensitive substances. Drying such as biological products, biological pesticides, enzyme preparations, etc.


vertical home spray dryer

Technical parameters of vertical home spray dryer equipment

1. Drying capacity: 1.0K/hour; drying time: 1.0-1.5 seconds; large air flow: 35m3/h.

2. Compressed air flow: 3000L/h (standard state);

3. High temperature: 220℃; heating temperature control accuracy: ±2℃.

4. LED digital display: temperature at the inlet; temperature at the outlet; exhaust fan air volume; peristaltic pump speed.

5. Nozzle aperture: 0.7 mm; power supply voltage: 220V/50Hz±10%; current: 14A; power: 2900W.


Features of vertical home spray dryer equipment

1. It is suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials such as biological products, pesticides, enzyme preparations, etc., because the sprayed materials are only exposed to high temperature when sprayed into mist-like particles, so they are only heated instantly and can maintain these active materials After drying, the active ingredients remain undamaged. The amount of material can be adjusted by the feed pump, small

2. The entire spray drying process is carried out in glassware, which can be clearly seen by the operator and can be adjusted in time if there is any problem. The inner wall of the glassware is treated with antistatic, so the dry powder will not stick to the inner wall under normal dry conditions.

3. For spray drying of certain medicines, in order to achieve sterility, it can be disinfected with high temperature and hot air before use, and a filter is set at the air inlet to keep the air clean.

4. After drying, the finished dry powder has a uniform particle size, and more than 90% of the dry powder is in the same particle size range. This machine is equipped with nozzle cleaner (through needle), when the nozzle is blocked, it will automatically clear.

5. The temperature and flow rate of the hot air have LCD display. All the parameters used have LCD display.


Vertical home spray dryer equipment installation instructions:

1. Installation of the drying room Hold the drying room with both hands and insert it into the fixing clamp of the drying room obliquely, and then lock the lock nut of the drying room (subject to the rotation of the drying room in the clamp).

2. Installation of the cyclone separator Put the lock nut, seal ring and stainless steel gasket of the cyclone separator into the air outlet pipe of the cyclone separator, and then insert them into the air outlet pipe of the equipment together to adjust the air outlet of the drying chamber and the cyclone separator The position of the air inlet is such that the two openings are straight and aligned. Connect the two openings with a clamp, and then tighten the lock nut of the cyclone separator.

3. Connect the collection bottle and the cyclone separator with a clamp

4. Connect the collecting pipe and the drying chamber with clamps.

5. Install the spray chamber on the device, and connect the 4 trachea (for needles) and 6 trachea (for spray).

6. Install the food-grade silicone tube to the peristaltic pump and insert it into the spray chamber inlet.

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