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Mobile minor dairy spray dryer

Mobile minor dairy spray dryer is an efficient and safe spray drying equipment produced by our company. The following introduces the components and characteristics of the Mobile minor dairy spray dryer.

mobile minor dairy spray dryer

Feeding system of Mobile minor dairy spray dryer

1. Feeding pump: model: GF10-1, power: 1.1KW, pressure: 0.6MPa, flow: 0.1-0.3m3/h, speed: 334r/min.

2. The feeding pump adopts peristaltic pump and precision drying spray drying equipment, which has very good effect.

3. The feed pipe valve adopts 304 pipe valve.

4. The feeding pump adopts frequency conversion speed control.

The atomization system of Mobile minor dairy spray dryer:

1. The high-speed centrifugal atomizer is equipped with power: 1.5KW, speed: 1500021000 rpm, maximum spray volume 120kg/h.

2. Equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation device.

3. Diameter of atomization disc: Φ120mm, material: titanium alloy.

4. Use 304 stainless steel for contact with materials.

Drying tower of Mobile minor dairy spray dryer:

1. Volute and hot air distributor: the top hot air inlet volute and hot air distributor can adjust the rotation angle of the air flow according to different conditions, effectively divert the gas in the tower, and prevent the material from sticking to the wall. There is an atomizer mounting seat in the middle. It is made of 23mm304 material, with heat preservation in the middle.

2. Drying tower: The inner diameter of the drying tower is 1.8 meters, the straight cylinder is 1.8 meters high, and the total height is 4.5 meters. It can withstand a negative pressure of 1500Pa and will not be damaged in case of operating errors. The inner wall is a 3042B polished mirror panel, which is welded by argon arc welding. The tower body is covered with a 1.2mm thick stainless steel plate, and the middle is a Q235 steel frame and 100mm thick rock wool for heat preservation. The roof of the drying chamber is a 3mm thick 304 steel plate.

3. The tower body is equipped with a tower door and an observation hole for easy cleaning and observation in the tower. The tower body interface and pipe elbow are all designed with arc butt joints to reduce dead angles. Transported to the site for production and installation.

4. Normal operating temperature: the volute and the hot air distributor introduce hot air from 120 to 280°C, and the inside of the tower is 280 to 85°C. The limit operating temperature is 300°C. The working pressure in the tower: -300-1500Pa, the ultimate pressure in the tower: -1500Pa.

5. The cone is equipped with a piston-type shocker, designed by our company, with large vibration and small air consumption.

The control system of Mobile minor dairy spray dryer:

Control system: It is also the core device in the system. In order to ensure the use time of the system, the control components adopt domestic Chint electrical components; in order to ensure the stability of the inlet air temperature, a frequency conversion interactive interlocking device is added. To prevent the temperature from being too high or too low to affect the moisture content of the finished product after drying and the stability of the finished product output, the flow rate of the feed screw pump is controlled by the inlet air temperature, and then the feed screw pump controls the speed of the atomizer to complete the drying process. stability. Since the amount of liquid material output by the feed screw pump cannot display a specific number, an electronic display flowmeter is set at the outlet of the screw pump to control the stability of the flow.

The working principle and design idea of Mobile minor dairy spray dryer are introduced above. ZZKD laboratory equipment manufacturers also produce other distillation equipment such as rotary evaporators, molecular distillation, short-path distillation, etc.

ZZKD laboratory equipment manufacturer is committed to providing customers with efficient and safe equipment.

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