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Large Vacuum Spray Dryer Benchtop

Drying plays an important role in pharmaceutical production. In recent years, many drying technologies and equipment suitable for the production of traditional Chinese medicine have come out. Spray dryer benchtop is one of the more advanced methods in drying technology. It has good properties and is suitable for large-scale industrial production, and has been increasingly used in the drying of traditional Chinese medicine extracts and the development of new products. At present, there have been research reports on new technologies such as the preparation of microcapsules by this technology and the application of PVA for film coating. Therefore, vacuum spray dryer technology plays an increasingly important role in the production of traditional Chinese medicine and the development of new dosage forms.

The basic principle, equipment and process of the special spray dryer for traditional Chinese medicine extract: the special spray dryer for traditional Chinese medicine extract is a better method for drying liquid materials by fluidization technology. The basic principle is to use an atomizer to large spray dryer a certain concentration of liquid materials into mist-like droplets, which fall into a hot air flow with a certain flow rate to dry them quickly to obtain powder or granular products. Its characteristics are: instant drying, especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials; good product quality, maintaining the original color and fragrance, and easy to dissolve;

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Vacuum spray dryer:

Quality indicators such as product thickness and water content can be adjusted and controlled according to needs; the volume of the preparation is small; it is beneficial to the hygiene of the preparation. The spray drying equipment generally consists of a drying chamber, a nozzle, an air filter, a preheater, a gas-powder separation chamber, a collection barrel, and a blower. The sprayer is a key part of the spray drying equipment, which affects the quality of the product and energy consumption. There are three types of commonly used laboratory small spray dryers: pressure type small spray dryer, airflow type small spray dryer benchtop, and centrifugal vacuum spray dryer. The pressure type small spray dryer is widely used, it is suitable for viscous liquid medicine, and the power consumption is small. The air flow sprayer has a simple structure and is suitable for any viscosity or slightly solid liquid. Centrifugal sprayer is suitable for drying of high viscosity or liquid with solid particles, but the cost is high. In addition, there are flow granulation dryers, dusting towers and automatic intermittent spray dryers suitable for teaching and scientific research. The simple process flow of spray drying is: medicina materials—→extraction—→concentration—→spraying—→collecting medicinal powder. Specific operation process (pressure spray drying)

As follows: the decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine are placed in the extraction tank for steam heating and leaching for several times, the leaching liquid is drawn into the decompression concentration tank through the vacuum suction filter tube, and concentrated to a certain concentration. The liquid medicine is sprayed into the drying chamber from the nozzle through the vortexer using centrifugal force to increase the speed and sprayed into the large spray dryer chamber, and then mixed with the hot air flow for heat exchange and then quickly dried. When the blower is started, the air is heated to about 280 ℃ by the filter and preheater, and enters the drying chamber along the tangential direction from the upper part of the drying chamber. Part of the dried powder enters the separation chamber with the hot air flow and is captured in the cloth bag, and the hot exhaust gas is discharged from the exhaust port.

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Preparation Process:

Extraction: the above 4 flavors, add water to decoct several times, filter, combine the filtrate and concentrate to a relative density of 1108-1110 (60°C), alcohol precipitation, recover ethanol from the supernatant and concentrate to a relative density of 1121-1125 (80-85°C) spare. Granulation: Calculate the amount of raw and auxiliary materials according to the actual needs of production. Put the auxiliary material (sucrose or dextrin, etc., particle size 40-60 mesh) into the boiling granulation pot, send it into the hot air, preheat drying (Dry) air inlet (the auxiliary material preheating and drying temperature is about 80 ℃), and spray the liquid medicine intermittently. Agglomerate with auxiliary materials into porous particles (spray granulation temperature 80-110 ℃, air outlet temperature 40-50 ℃), after sampling and inspection are qualified, discharge and granulate.

Operating procedures:

Step 1: Turn on the power supply of the special spray dryer for traditional Chinese medicine extract, and turn on the switch knob on the spray dryer benchtop.

Step 2: Enter the system operation interface, click to turn on the fan,

Step 3: Turn on the heater and set the temperature required for drying traditional Chinese medicine. The temperature of our low-temperature vacuum dryer for traditional Chinese medicine is between 35-200 degrees.

Step 4: Adjust the atomization pressure, generally 2 MPa, and adjust the needle pressure.

Step 5: When the temperature of the heater reaches the required temperature, the feeding tube can be placed in the prepared boring beaker, and the speed of the peristaltic pump can be adjusted when the peristaltic pump is turned on.

Step 6: If the material is viscous or the fluidity is not very good, we can open the needle on the operation panel to prevent the material from clogging the nozzle.

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Application advantages:

1. In order to prevent the material from sticking to the wall, the equipment is equipped with an air-swept wall and a tower wall jacket cooling structure, which can effectively prevent product sticking and coking, and improve product quality and output.

2. The special finished product air supply system directly separates the vacuum spray dryer finished product in the production process from the hot and humid air in the system, avoiding the possibility of moisture absorption and condensation.

3. The special large spray dryer for traditional Chinese medicine extract uses its three-stage air to purify the air into the dryer, so that the wind power reaches 300,000. 

4. The rapid opening blasting device is used, which is suitable for the production requirements of various varieties.

5. Material collection adopts two-stage cyclone dust removal device or one-stage cyclone dust removal + wet dust collector.

6. The volume and configuration of the spray tower are adjusted according to the nature of the material to make it more practical.

7. To prevent the material from sticking to the wall, the unit is equipped with an air sweeping device.

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