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Laboratory scale spray dryer manufacturers

The experimental upgraded spray dryer (small spray dryer) is mainly suitable for the production of micro-particle powder in universities, research institutes and laboratories of food, medicine and chemical enterprises, and has wide applicability to all solutions such as emulsions and suspensions. 

spray dryer manufacturers

It is suitable for drying heat sensitive substances such as biological products, biological pesticides, enzyme preparations, etc. Because the sprayed material only receives high temperature and instant heat when sprayed into mist, these active materials still maintain their active ingredients unchanged after drying.

Various application fields of spray drying:

Beverages, spices and pigments, milk, egg products, plant and vegetable extracts, pharmaceutical synthetic heat-sensitive materials, plastics, polymers and resins, fragrances, blood products, ceramics and superconductor biochemical products, dye soaps and detergents, food, Binders, oxides, bone meal and tooth powder, etc.

laboratory scale spray dryer

The main features of laboratory-scale spray drying:

1. Use our self-designed concentric coaxial atomizer, the nozzle aperture can be customized;

2. The wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant 16# silicone tube is selected, which can meet the transportation needs of most heat-sensitive materials;

3. The feeding device is a built-in peristaltic pump, with precise speed control, and one-way rotation is safer;

4. Matching high borosilicate glass drying components with good light transmittance and acid and alkali resistance;

5. The clamps of the fixed components are made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which is fastened and durable without dead corners;

6. The cyclone separator and the bag-type dust removal device can be switched to use, which can screen and collect materials of different particle sizes;

7. Choose oil-free air compressor, which has low pollution and low noise, and can work continuously;

8. Using high-precision PID temperature control technology, the temperature control accuracy range is 1℃, and the electric heating source is stable and more environmentally friendly. To

9. Smart man-machine interactive interface, simple operation,

10. After drying, the finished dry powder has a relatively uniform particle size, and more than 95% of the dry powder is in the same particle size range. To

11. For viscous materials, there is a nozzle cleaner (through needle), which will be automatically cleared when the nozzle is blocked, and the frequency of the through needle can be automatically adjusted. To

12. The stainless steel drying chamber can be used for tower wall purging (optional). To

13. Accept customization (such as fully equipped with imported accessories, appearance sandblasting, design models according to the laboratory environment, etc.).

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