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How to choose spray dryer

The laboratory spray dryer is a method of applying systematic technology to material drying. After the liquid material is atomized in the drying chamber, the water vaporizes instantaneously in contact with hot air to obtain the dried product. This method can Directly dry the solution and emulsion into powder or granular products, eliminating the need for evaporation, pulverization, and other processes, and the obtained particles are evenly distributed. 

Spray drying has the characteristics of fast heat transfer, rapid water evaporation, and instant drying time, and the product quality is good, the dissolution performance is also good, and it can improve the dissolution rate of some preparations.

Common types of spray dryers are: high temperature spray dryers, low temperature spray dryers, and organic solvent spray dryers.

small spray dryer

spray dryer lab

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How to choose a spray dryer?

1. Choose the high temperature spray dryer according to the nature of the material itself, which is suitable for non-adhesive aqueous solutions or suspension materials that do not contain organic solvents and do not require high temperature; low temperature spray dryers are suitable for non-organic solvents or organic solvent content Low, suitable for water solution or suspension materials that need to be vacuumed or the temperature range is relatively high and cannot withstand high temperature; the organic solvent spray dryer is suitable for water solution or suspension materials that can dilute organic solvents with higher concentrations.

2. Choose according to the treatment capacity According to the treatment capacity, you can choose a laboratory spray dryer, a small spray dryer, and a 5L spray dryer. At present, in the field of drying equipment, the function of spray dryer has obvious advantages.

Analyzed from its development, spray dryer equipment can be regarded as the fastest growing and most widely used equipment in the drying field. This equipment can be used to process a variety of different solutions, emulsions and other materials.

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