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How Does A Lab Scale Spray Dryer Work?

Principle of spray dryer operation: The air is filtered and heated, the air at the top of the dryer enters the distributor and the hot air enters the drying chamber spirally and evenly. The spray water in a high-speed centrifugal atom travels to the top of the body and is sprayed into very fine droplets (such as mist) that can be dried on the finished results in a short time. Current contact with hot air. The finished product is continuously output from the bottom of the drying tower and the cyclone separator, and the exhaust gas is evacuated by the induced draft fan. Laboratory-scale spray dryers are a type of continuous dryer suitable for the production of powdered, granular or bulk solid products from solutions, emulsions, suspensions and plastic pasty liquid raw materials. The key is atomization, drying craft. Generally, it includes a small spray dryer in the laboratory of traditional Chinese medicine intrusion cream, and a small spray dryer in the laboratory of biological pesticides.

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The laboratory-scale spray dryer is composed of fans, heaters, air compressors, peristaltic pumps, and atomizers. It is mainly used in the production of microparticles in universities, research laboratories and laboratories of food, pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Liquids and suspensions have broad-spectrum applicability, and scale-up production needs to start with small tests. Therefore, the use of laboratory spray drying equipment is an important step in the early stage of data exploration. The operation is controlled by touch screen, and the parameters can be set freely. The experiment can avoid the loss and waste of materials caused by the use of production equipment for experiments.

High-speed centrifugal spray equipment for the extract of traditional Chinese medicine is the application of centrifugal spray drying technology in the drying of certain materials. It also uses a high-speed centrifugal atomizer to disperse the material into fine pieces, fully contact with hot air, and complete instant drying to form powdered products. drying device. The drying equipment is a spray dryer specially used to solve the traditional Chinese medicine extract and plant extract. It effectively solves many problems in the drying of traditional Chinese medicine extract by the original LPG high-speed spray dryer. How does a spray dryer work? Take traditional Chinese medicine extract high-speed centrifugal spray dryer as an example:

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The operation process of traditional Chinese medicine extract spray dryer:

Step 1: Connect the power of the traditional Chinese medicine extract spray dryer and turn on the switch knob on the spray dryer;

Step 2: Enter the control interface and tap to change the fan;

Step 3: Turn on the heater and set the temperature required for drying of traditional Chinese medicine. The temperature of our low heat dryer for traditional Chinese medicine is between 35-200 degrees;

Step 4: Adjust the spray pressure (usually 2 MPa) to adjust the needle pressure.

Step 5: When the heater temperature reaches the required temperature, the feeding tube can be placed in the prepared boring beaker, and the speed of the peristaltic pump can be adjusted when the peristaltic pump is turned on.

Step 6: If the material is viscous or the fluidity is not very good, we can open the needle in the control panel so that the material does not get stuck.

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Application advantages of traditional Chinese medicine extract spray dryer:

1. In order to prevent the material from sticking to the wall, the equipment is equipped with an air-swept wall and a tower wall jacket cooling structure, which can effectively prevent product sticking and coking, and improve product quality and output.

2. The special finished product air supply system directly separates the dry finished product in the production process from the hot and humid air in the system, avoiding the possibility of moisture absorption and condensation.

3. The traditional Chinese medicine extract spray dryer uses its three-stage air to purify the air into the dryer, so that the wind power reaches 300,000.

4. The rapid opening blasting device is adopted, which is suitable for the production requirements of various varieties.

5. Material collection adopts two-stage cyclone dust removal device or one-stage cyclone dust removal + wet dust collector.

6. The volume and configuration of the spray tower should be adjusted according to the condition of the material to improve performance.

7. The unit is equipped with an air sweeper so that the components do not get stuck in the wall.

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Laboratory Scale Spray Dryer Key Features:

1. The laboratory-scale spray dryer is operated with a large color touch screen, with a combination of automatic control and manual control

2. Shutdown protection function: Just press the stop button when shutting down, and the machine will stop running immediately except for the fan, to ensure that the heating part of Defective operation (forced fan shutdown) does not burn the device.

3. Fully automatic control: one-button start, after setting the parameters of the injection process, the temperature reaches the set temperature, the peristaltic pump starts automatically and a moving animation is displayed on the touch screen. and the running process is clearly displayed; when the machine is turned off, just press the stop button, the machine is automatically safe Shut down.

4. The spraying, drying and collecting system is made of transparent high-quality borosilicate heat-resistant glass material, so that the drying process can be carried out in a pollution-free environment.

5. Manual control: If you need to adjust the process parameters during the experiment, you can easily switch to the manual state, and the entire experiment process is dynamically displayed on the color touch screen (animation).

6. The atomization structure of the two-fluid spray, the whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel material, the design is compact, and no auxiliary equipment is required.

7. Built-in imported oil-free air compressor, the particle size of the powder is normally distributed, the fluidity is very good, and the noise is very low, less than 60db, in line with the national laboratory noise standard;

8. The design of drying temperature control adopts real-time regulation PID constant temperature control technology, which makes the temperature control in the whole temperature area accurate, and the heating temperature control accuracy is ±1℃.

9. Equipped with a nozzle cleaner (through the needle), when the nozzle is blocked, it will be automatically removed, and the frequency of the through needle can be adjusted automatically.

10. An inlet air filter is available to keep the sample clean.

11. The particle size of the finished dry powder after drying is relatively uniform, and more than 95% of the dry powder is in the same particle size range.

12. The filling volume can be adjusted with a peristaltic feeding pump of small sample size up to 50 ml.

13. Nozzle, high efficiency. Color LCD Touch Screen Parameter Display: Air Inlet Temperature / Air Outlet Temperature / Rotary Pump Speed / Air Volume / Needle Frequency.

14. New equipment for cleaning tower walls, speed of resource recovery.

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