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How to use spray dryer

The spray dryer needs to check the status of all aspects of the machine before it is used, so as to ensure that in case of failure, it is helpful for the first time to eliminate and repair. Moreover, the real-time inspection of the performance of the spray dryer will greatly improve the safety performance. To


how to use spray dryer

What should be paid attention to when using spray drying:

1. Avoid suffocation

The spray dryer has a heating system to vaporize the moisture in the atomized material. And if the inspection door is opened during use, it is easy to cause suffocation, because the oxygen concentration is low, often less than 21%. Therefore, in order to protect the safety of operators, it is forbidden to open the inspection door for inspection when the oxygen concentration is too low.

2. Avoid explosion hazard

When operating in a closed environment, when spraying flammable organic solvents, special attention should be paid to controlling the oxygen concentration to prevent excessive oxygen concentration from causing spontaneous combustion of the solvent. In severe cases, it may even cause an explosion. So how much is the safest oxygen concentration in general? Relevant regulations must be kept below 5%, otherwise the risk factor will be very high.

Three, don't touch at will

When the equipment is in operation, it is best to keep a certain safe distance from it. Don't touch the parts of the device because of curiosity or doing nothing, it's too dangerous! Don't take it seriously, accidents often happen like this. Life is not a child's play. For the sake of your own life, don't take risks with your body.

Four, the equipment needs to be cooled after stopping

Generally, after the spray dryer is working, it needs to be cooled for a period of time. The temperature of the equipment just after working is quite high, so be careful not to touch it with your hands to avoid burns, such as air ducts and exhaust fans.

5. Do not enter the tower when the equipment has just finished working

It is necessary to wait for a period of time, and it is relatively safe to enter the tower after the temperature in the tower drops to normal temperature.

Six, attention to details

Like many other machinery and equipment, the basic operation should also attract attention and be careful, especially in the details that are often overlooked. For example, when opening and closing the inspection door, you should be careful not to get your hands caught in order to avoid unnecessary accidents or injuries.

In summary, when using a spray dryer, always keep in mind the principle of safety first. As long as it is a machine, there is a certain degree of danger, especially the operation of large machinery like industrial production. You must protect your personal safety at all times and try to avoid safety accidents.

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