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Pilot spray dryer Machine Price

A spray dryer is a tool that may full drying and granulation at the similar time. According to the method requirements, the pressure, flow rate and the scale of the nozzle gap of the liquid pump could be adjusted to obtain the required spherical particles in a certain dimension ratio. A spray dryer is a kind of continuous atmospheric dryer. The liquid material is sprayed right into a mist with special tools, and it's dried by contact with sizzling air. For drying some heat-sensitive liquids, suspensions and viscous liquids, also for drying fuels, intermediates, cleaning soap powder and inorganic salts. Generally, it contains electric heating blast drying oven, vacuum drying oven, high-speed centrifugal pilot spray dryer, and sterile spray dryer.

Operating procedures:


The material to be sprayed must be completely emulsified and homogenized by a homogenizer and handed via an 80-mesh display (so as not to block the atomizer and pipeline), and then positioned in a chrome steel barrel for use. In addition, connect a bucket of faucet water for cleansing the atomizer and spray drying machine price cavity. Install the material tube of the peristaltic pump, clamp it firmly, fasten it with 8 nuts in front of the feeding port (to forestall it from floating up and suck in air), and put it into the material barrel to be used.



Check whether or not the butterfly valves on the pipes connecting the dehumidifier and the amassing bucket are all open, the damper on the spray tower must be totally open, the spray cabin door ought to be closed firmly, the quick-release clamps of each connecting pipe should be installed accurately, and the air The outlet valve of the compressor ought to be opened, the discharge valve must be closed, and the air pressure pipe ought to be well connected.

Startup process:

Press the change of the dehumidifier, shut the air relay swap of the pilot spray dryer, regulate the outlet strain of the air compressor to zero.25Mpa (pull out the black button and press it after adjustment), flip the red emergency cease button clockwise, and open the LCD operation display screen, await 15S to automatically enter the operation interface, set the process parameters: the set temperature is 180°C, the decrease restrict temperature is 180°C, the upper limit temperature is 192°C, the temperature is between the setting and the decrease limit, the heating time is 10s, and the heating time is 3s. The vibrator is set to vibrate for 2S, and cease for 2-10S (refer to the buildup of supplies on the wall). If the material with low stable content corresponding to water is sprayed, the set temperature must be adjusted to 185-190 ℃, and the lower restrict ought to be modified to 185 °C.

Turn on the induced draft fan, dehumidifier, and electrical heating swap (the automated button is turned on for electrical heating, in any other case the temperature will not jump when the temperature reaches the set temperature, and the heating will continue), preheat the system, and the lighting can be turned on usually. When the air temperature reaches the set temperature, when the outlet air temperature reaches 80-90 degrees and the temperature is relatively stable, turn on the atomizer for 30S, then turn on the peristaltic pump swap within the interface, and regulate the speed to between 12-18 (depending on the fabric Adjustment), open the peristaltic pump slowly in the early stage, and don't let the material pipe open and introduce air (the temperature of the atomizer is high, and the shortage of cooling of the model new material will trigger a small amount of fabric to dry rapidly and block the atomizer), the arrow on the atomizer factors to "→", press the Start button on the atomizer to begin peristaltic feeding. When the fabric enters the atomizer and begins spraying, turn on the vibrator (double air hammer) to look at the atomization situation and the air temperature. 2), continue to look at the outlet air temperature to see whether it is secure, the outlet air temperature drops to 86-88 levels and stabilizes the conventional spray flow price (depending on the material viscosity, solid content material and other factors), all the time observe the outlet air temperature, adjust The best materials flow rate (experience value of water spray at 17-18, pepper water at 32, hen paste dissolved with 1:2 water is about 28).

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Shutdown process:

Immediately after all of the supplies are sucked, put the feeding pipe head into the cleaning bucket, spray the atomizer with water, regulate the velocity of the peristaltic pump to about 15 (water has no solids, it's difficult to spray drying machine price), and observe the feeding pipeline after 5 minutes Whether it's cleaned by tap water, run it for 2-3 minutes until the atomizer is cleaned. Turn off the peristaltic pump and open the clamp on the pump to permit the water to move back into the bucket. Wait for 3-5 minutes. After the atomizer pilot spray dryer the residual water, you can flip off the atomizer. When there is no fog, you'll be able to flip off the electrical heating and the vibrator, and await the natural cooling. When the inlet air temperature reaches under 150°C, the hatch could be opened, and the air pressure gun head can be used to blow down the place where the material is accumulated, pay attention to every useless angle, and purpose on the elbow of the underside pipe to make the material recovered through the cyclone separator. After cleansing the powder, shut the hatch door and blow the fabric for 1 minute, then flip off the induced draft fan and dehumidifier. Turn off the butterfly valve of the discharge port, take away the collector, pour out the powder and pack it right into a bag to prevent moisture.

To clean the spray tower:

Unscrew the quick-install clamp on the official street on the right aspect of the accumulator, and then take away the clamp at the bottom of the spray tower, you can rotate this section of the material pipe to a minimum of one aspect, and put a large basin on the backside of the spray tower to gather water. Turn on the atomizer and peristaltic pump, put the feeding hose into the cleansing bucket to absorb water, press the Start button to begin peristaltic water absorption, and rapidly adjust the velocity to one hundred after beginning to spray drying machine price, and spray the maximum amount of water to wash the atomizer and inside bulkhead three -5min. According to the operation process, first flip off the peristaltic pump to empty the water within the material pipe, turn off the atomizer after 2 minutes, then press the emergency cease button to close down and turn off the air relay change in the control cupboard. Open the hatch, join a water pipe to rinse the unclean elements of the inner bulkhead, watch out not to flush the water into the hole on the facet of the highest atomizer (to prevent water from pouring back into the heater), and rinse the inner wall totally.

Clean surrounding accessories:

Remove the 2 cut-off pipes linked to the cyclone separator, the butterfly valve on the discharge port, the collector, the clamp, and the silicone gasket, clear them all and control the dry water. When cleansing the cyclone separator, first remove the peripheral connection accessories, and then remember to turn off the outlet butterfly valve of the dehumidifier (to forestall water from pouring back into the dehumidifier), flush the water with the water pipe on the inlet of the separator, and catch the outlet with a basin To prevent water from splashing into the dehumidifier and burning the motor, repeat the washing several instances from a number of angles till the outflowing waste water is colorless and clarified. After all the accessories are completely dried with dry water, set up the pipes.

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