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Mini spray dryer machine suppliers

The main features of spray dryer:

●Original 316 material nozzle, high efficiency.

●Color large touch screen operation, combination of automatic control and manual control, parameter LCD display.

●Real-time adjustment of PID constant temperature control technology, accurate temperature control, heating temperature control accuracy ±1℃.

●The spray, drying and collection device is made of transparent high temperature resistant high borosilicate glass, and the entire spray drying experiment process is visible.

●The atomization structure of the two-fluid spray is made of high-precision 316 stainless steel, and the particle diameter of the spray powder is normally distributed, and the fluidity is good.

●The ejector is automatically dredged (through the needle) and the frequency is adjustable. When the nozzle is blocked, it will be automatically cleared to ensure the continuity of the experiment.

●The feed volume can be adjusted by the feed peristaltic pump.

●Special protection function, the fan can't start, the heater can't start.

●Built-in oil-free air compressor with noise less than 50db.

●Equipped with air inlet filter to ensure the purity of the sample.

●The dried product has uniform particle size, and more than 95% of the dry powder is in the same particle size.

mini spray dryer

Operation specification of spray dryer:

1. Check before starting the small spray dryer

Turn on the spray dryer, the installation and sealing of each connected pipeline and valve, the tension of the transmission chain and belt, whether the reducer is lubricated or not, whether the vacuum gauge is sensitive or not. The installation of the cloth bag used for filtering in the tank, and the connection of electrical wiring. Turn on the cooling water of the spray dryer. Check the valve at the connection of the heat-carrying pipe, whether the stuffing box is leaking, and whether the pressure gauge is sensitive.

Check whether the meters, buttons and indicators of the spray dryer electrical control cabinet are normal, check whether the direct ground wire is good, whether there is any leakage, or short circuit. Fill each cup with grease, and the starter motor runs empty. Listen to whether the noise is normal. If it is not normal, check the source of the noise and eliminate it.

2. Start-up steps when starting up work Close the discharge valve, lock the charging door, set the forward and reverse rotation and interval time on the host Open the heating cycle valve, run the heating water pump Open the vacuum pipeline valve, start the vacuum pump, and add the dry materials In the container (powder, fine granular, and slurry materials are fed by vacuum), then close the feed hole cover. After closing the vacuum exhaust valve, turn on the vacuum pump to make the drying container present a negative pressure (00-7mmHg). Turn on the power switch, start the motor, press the work button, and the spray dryer starts to rotate. Open the heating medium valve, let the heating medium enter the interlayer of the drying vessel, and test according to the process requirements.

3. Stop the work step After the material is dried, first close the heating medium valve, and then inject cooling water into the interlayer. After the material is cooled to normal temperature, stop vacuuming. Turn on the vacuum valve, turn off the motor, stop the dryer from rotating, and open the hole cover to discharge the material.

mini spray dryer

Technical parameters of small spray dryer:

1 Inlet air temperature control: 30300℃

2. Outlet temperature control: 30150℃

3. Evaporated water volume: 1500mL/H 2000ml/h

4. Large feed volume: 2000mL/H

5. Small feed volume: 50mL

6. Feeding method: peristaltic pump adjustment

7. Average drying time: 1.0~1.5S

8. Electric heater power: 3KW AC220V single-phase grounding

9. Fan: 0.2KW large air volume 5.6m3/min large air pressure 1020Pa

10. Air compressor: 0.2KW, large gas output 4.2 m3/h

11. Compressed air working pressure: 23Bar

12. Equipment dimensions: 1200mm (height) × 650mm (length) × 500mm (width)

13. Nozzle diameter: 1.00mm

14. Equipment weight: 125KG

Small spray dryer configuration

1. Atomizer; 2. Large clamp; 3. Exhaust pipe; 4. Lock nut; 5. Cyclone; 6. No. 1 clamp; 7. Collection bottle; 8. Large clamp; 9. Peristalsis Pump; 10. Drying room; 11. Touch screen; No. 12 and 2 clamps; 13. Power switch; 14. Feed pipe; No. 15, 3 clamps; 16. Collection tube

Parts of spray dryer

1. 1 glass drying room

2. 1 glass cyclone separator

3. 1 glass sample collection bottle

4. 1 glass sample collection tube

5. Conveying silicone tube 6mm 2m

6. 1 spray chamber

7. Clamp (LY12 black) 4 pcs

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