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High Speed Centrifugal Small Spray Dryer

High speed centrifugal spray dryers are a widely used process in the liquid molding and drying industry. It is suitable for the production of powders and granular solids from suppoemulsion, solutions, emulsions and paste liquid components. Therefore, when the particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle shape of the finished product meet precise standards, spray dryers are ideal for drying.

Resins are organic polymers that generally soften or melt when heated and become more fluid due to external forces when softened. It is an organic polymer that is solid, semi-solid, and in some cases liquid at room temperature. Polymers that can be used as raw materials for processing plastic products are commonly referred to as resins. Resin is the main raw material for making plastics, and it is also used to make coatings (the main film-forming substances for coatings, such as: alkyd resins, acrylic resins, synthetic fatty acid resins, these resins are mostly in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, and they are also relatively high in the coatings industry. Prosperous areas, such as Changxing Chemical, New Perth resin, Sanying resin, DSM Xianda resin, etc.), adhesives, insulating materials, etc. Synthetic resins are widely used in the production of industrial liquids for the separation and treatment of impure substances. There are macroporous adsorption resins, ion exchange resins, and some special resins. Let's introduce the steps of drying resin with small spray dryer:

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Working principle:

The high speed centrifugal spray dryer is open circulation, co-flow, centrifugal atomization. The drying medium air is filtered by the primary and medium-efficiency air filters, and then sucked by the blower according to the operating instructions, then heated by the heater, and enters the main spray drying tower through the hot air distributor of the high-efficiency filter. The liquid material passes through the peristaltic pump according to the instruction manual, enters the high-speed rotary centrifugal nozzle, and is dispersed into small droplets by the action of centrifugal force.In the main spray drying tower, the droplets are in full contact with the hot air, heat exchanged along a specific path, then dried into the product, then separated by a cyclone separator, the solid material is collected and gaseous. The medium is filtered and discharged. The entire drainage system is easy to clean, clogged and meets GMP requirements.

Operation specification of high-speed centrifugal spray dryer

1.Before work, dress as required. Clothes are buttoned up, cuffs are fastened, long hair is tucked into hats, and gloves should never be worn when working on a flash dryer with a rotating part.

2.When starting the equipment, check the power supply, air valve and related equipment.

3.When the machine is running, it is forbidden to adjust or measure the workpiece by hand, stop the machine to measure, and move the tool holder to a safe position.

4.The workpiece and tool should be clamped firmly, and it is forbidden to touch the rotating parts of the machine by hand.

5.Ensure the necessary safety space for the operation. When the machine starts to run, strictly implement the prescribed signals and conduct equipment operation inspections.

6.For cleaning the rollers, cutters and other sundries close to dangerous parts, use clamps (such as hooks, iron brushes, etc.) and do not pull them by hand.

7. It is forbidden to put tools, measuring tools, fixtures and workpieces on the machine or gearbox to prevent them from falling and hurting people.

8. When the machine is stopped for cleaning, refueling, inspection and maintenance, the starting device of the machine must be locked and a warning sign must be hung;

9. Standard operation, when abnormal danger occurs, immediately operate the emergency stop button and start the emergency plan.

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Ready to work:

1. Connect the air compressor socket, 220V

2. Connect the power connection of the vacuum pump to 380V (the motor rotates clockwise)

3. Connect the water inlet of the machine (white latex tube, directly connected to the faucet, be sure to open the faucet when turning on the vacuum pump, the water volume can not be too large, do not open the vacuum pump without water)

4. Connect the vacuum port and the vacuum port on the upper vacuum meter

5. Connect the drain port above the vacuum pump at the bottom of the machine (connect one end of the provided high temperature pipe to the drain port, and drain the other end directly into the sewer)

6. Check the air tightness of each connection of the machine to prevent air leakage or water leakage

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Steps for usage:

1. Turn on the green switch at the front of the machine, and the control part of the machine is turned on.

2. Open the faucet, let the water flow into the vacuum pump, and turn on the knob switch of the vacuum pump

3. Press left to right on the screen to turn on a control switch (the pin can be turned off)

4. When the peristaltic pump rotates, bring the peristaltic tube counterclockwise in the direction of rotation, and connect the upper end to the side of the nozzle.

5. Set the temperature value and set the feed value in the set parameters

6. By adjusting the valve of the air inlet (right side), observe the vacuum degree of the vacuum gauge, which is generally 0.03.

7. When the temperature in the drying tower reaches about 70 degrees, put one end of the feeding pipe into the prepared material

8. After the small spray dryer process, turn off all switches on the screen, observe that the set temperature is about room temperature, and then turn off the vacuum pump


1. After the fresh air has been filtered by primary, medium and high-efficiency filters, it can ensure that the purification level reaches 300,000.

2. The drying tower system adjusts the height-diameter ratio of the straight cylinder of the main tower; prolongs the residence time of the material and ensures the small spray dryer effect.

3. The taper of the tower cone is adjusted, from the conventional angle of 60° to about 54", fully considering the smoothness of the material when the cone is unloaded.

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4. The top of the tower is equipped with a cooling system and a jacket cooling system. In order to keep the temperature of the top of the tower and the inner wall of the cone from being too high, the material adsorbed on the wall of the cone of the tower will not be coked at high temperature, which will affect the quality.

5. Application of freezing and dehumidification and centralized collection system

In this system, after the filtered fresh air passes through the refrigerating dehumidifier, it quickly becomes dry and the temperature is low. The materials discharged from the main tower and the cyclone are forced to be cooled in time, and are transported to the clean powder collection room in a centralized manner. There are two functions: ①Material It is rapidly cooled to prevent moisture from returning during the natural cooling process. ② Centralized clean collection, in line with the relevant requirements of hygiene.

6. The control system adopts color touch screen animation to display the process flow, control and set relevant parameters, PLC programmable pre-set process flow, and animation display, using fuzzy technology to automatically track the control variable parameters to achieve the best effect.

7. The process pipelines are all in the form of smooth conveying to avoid material blocking by elbows.

8. Rotary air inlet technology and adjustable volute ensure uniform distribution of materials and do not return to the top.

9. The matching of the online cleaning system reduces labor intensity and improves the control level of the unit.

10. The unit adopts waste heat recovery system to ensure high efficiency, low consumption and obvious energy saving.

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