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Fluidized Spray Dryer Cheap Industrial

Detergent spray dryer overview: 

spray drying is a drying course of by which the raw materials liquid is put into the atomizer and separated into droplets, and the powder-shaped merchandise are obtained by direct contact of sizzling air or different gas with the droplets. In the Thirties and Forties, fluidized spray dryer expertise has been broadly used in the manufacturing process of detergents, dairy merchandise, dehydrated meals, dyes, cement, and fertilizers. Currently common milk powder, immediate coffee, instant meals soup, etc. are the products obtained from the spray dryers for sale process. At first, detergent powder dryer machine was used in my nation's dairy business, and later in the pharmaceutical, dye and detergent industries, and now spray dryer industrial technology is extensively utilized in my nation. 


Especially in the pharmaceutical and ceramic industries, cheap spray dryer is extensively used. spray drying know-how has a special objective within the pharmaceutical industry. It simplifies and shortens the method and time from Chinese drugs extract to semi-finished or finished products of preparations, and improves production efficiency and drug high quality. The spray dryer industrial tower is a drying equipment for organic pesticides, medicines and food microorganisms. detergent powder dryer machine is a drying process in which the uncooked material liquid is put into the atomizer and separated into droplets, and the powder-shaped merchandise are obtained by direct contact of scorching air or other fuel with the droplets. 

Detergent spray dryer options:

1.The drying velocity is quick, and it takes a couple of seconds to complete; 

2.Suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials; 

3. Wide vary of use: According to the traits of the material, it can be used for hot air drying, centrifugal granulation and chilly air granulation, and most products with giant differences in traits could be produced by this machine; 

4. Since the drying process is accomplished instantly, the particles of the completed product can principally maintain the spherical shape of droplets, and the product has good dispersibility, fluidity and solubility; 

5. The production process is simplified and the operation management is convenient. fluidized spray dryer is usually used for solutions with a stable content of less than 60%. After drying, there is not a need for pulverization and screening, which reduces the manufacturing process and simplifies the production process. The particle size, bulk density and water content material of the product could be adjusted by altering the operating situations inside a certain range, and the management and management are very handy; 

6. In order to forestall the fabric from being polluted and prolong the lifetime of the gear, all parts involved with the fabric could be made of stainless steel. Detergent spray dryer industrial explosion proof settings.


10l spray dryer reason for explosion:

The major reasons for mud combustion or even explosion are that the mud moisture content material is too low, the mud is simply too fantastic, the inlet air temperature is merely too high, and the continuous production time is simply too long through the manufacturing process of cheap spray dryer. It might burn or even explode when it encounters static electrical energy or friction. Secondly, combustion explosion can be immediately associated to the character of mud. 

Detergent spray dryer manufacturing notes: 

Most of the spray dryers for sale manufacturing is steady production, that is, 24 hours without stopping. Dust combustion and even explosion typically happen at evening. People don't track manufacturing parameters in time, leading to a interval of negligence. Therefore, the 10l spray dryers for sale parameters within the production process ought to be strictly monitored in real time, and some production parameters should be tracked and recorded in real time. When the parameters fluctuate, especially when the moisture content material of the dust is low, it ought to be adjusted in time, in any other case the mud could burn and even explode. Danger. Secondly, measures should be taken to defend the sparks that may cause static electrical energy. Some dusts have secondary drying in the drying course of, such as fluidized bed secondary drying. The fluidized mattress is vulnerable to static sparks, which must be prevented in production. 


Detergent spray dryer operation precautions: 

1.First activate the centrifugal fan, then turn on the heater, and verify whether or not there is air leakage. If it's normal, it might be preheated. Because the new air preheating determines the evaporation capacity of the drying gear, without affecting the quality of the fabric to be dried, it must be Increase the inlet air temperature as a lot as possible. 

2.During preheating, the top of the 10l fluidized spray dryer chamber is placed at the atomizer, and the drying chamber and the cyclone separator have to be sealed to forestall chilly air from getting into the drying chamber and decreasing the preheating efficiency.

3.When the inlet temperature of the detergent powder dryer machine chamber reaches the set temperature, activate the centrifugal nozzle. When the nozzle reaches a high velocity, activate the feed pump, add clear water and spray for 10 minutes and then replace it with the fabric liquid. The feeding quantity must be from small to large. Otherwise, sticking will happen till the appropriate necessities are adjusted. The concentration of the feed liquid should be ready based on the drying properties of the fabric to guarantee that the finished product has good fluidity after drying. 

4.The temperature and humidity of the dried product depend upon the exhaust air temperature. It is essential to maintain the exhaust air temperature fixed throughout operation, which is dependent upon the scale of the feeding amount, the feeding amount is secure, and the outlet temperature is relatively stable of. If the stable content and flow price of the feed liquid change, the outlet temperature may even change. 

5.If the temperature of the product is simply too high, the feeding amount could be lowered to extend the outlet temperature; if the temperature of the product is too low, vice versa. For heat-sensitive supplies with lower product temperature, the feeding amount may be elevated to scale back the exhaust air temperature, but the temperature of the product will increase accordingly. 

6.Collection of finished merchandise after 10l cheap spray dryer. In the pollinator at the lower part of the cyclone, it must be replaced earlier than it is full. When replacing the pollinator, the butterfly valve above have to be closed first. 

7. If the dried product is hygroscopic, the cyclone separator, its pipeline, and the part of the pollinator must be wrapped with thermal insulation material, in order to avoid the moisture absorption of the dried product.

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