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Atomizer type horizontal spray dryer

The Atomizer type horizontal spray dryer is compact in design and self-contained, and can run without other facilities. One-button startup, large color LCD touch screen operation, two operating modes, fully automatic or manual monitoring, convenient for operation and monitoring of the experimental process, especially for instant drying of materials under low temperature conditions, and extremely convenient for heat-sensitive materials Extremely safe drying methods, such as biological products, natural product extracts of traditional Chinese medicine with high sugar content, heat-labile polymer materials, materials that vaporize when exposed to heat, and so on.

 atomizer type spray dryer

Features of Atomizer type horizontal spray dryer:

All glass parts are borosilicate glass, which is convenient for visual monitoring of the process status.

The spray chamber, cyclone separator, and receiving tank are all made of borosilicate glass, which is resistant to acid, alkali, high temperature, and has good chemical properties. It can work in a pollution-free and stable environment.

Easy to clean, assembly and disassembly are particularly simple.

The air compressor is oil-free and will not pollute the air. The noise is small and the sound is less than 50 decibels.

The inlet/outlet temperature is precisely controlled by PID.

Use the touch screen to display operations, control temperature, air flow, air pressure, pump speed and unlock frequency.

Adopt RS 2559605 adjustable capacity rotary pump to feed.

Automatic de-clogging device prevents nozzles from being blocked and variable control.


Suitable materials for Atomizer type horizontal spray dryer:

Chemical industry: sodium fluoride (potassium), basic dyes and pigments, dye intermediates, formaldehyde silicic acid, catalysts, sulfuric acid reagents, amino acids, etc.

Plastic resin: AB, ABS emulsion, urinary formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin, dense rubber (urea) formaldehyde resin, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc.

Food industry: fat-rich milk powder, gluten, cocoa powder, milk substitute powder, egg white (yellow), etc.

Food plants: oats, chicken juice, coffee, instant tea, seasoned meat, protein, soybeans, peanut protein, hydrolysates, etc.

Sugar: corn syrup, corn starch, glucose, pectin, maltose, potassium sorbate, etc.

Ceramics: alumina, ceramic tiles, magnesia, talc, etc.

 horizontal spray dryer

Atomizer type horizontal spray dryer installation instructions:

1. Installation of the drying room Hold the drying room with both hands and insert it into the fixing clamp of the drying room obliquely, and then lock the lock nut of the drying room.

2. Installation of the cyclone separator Put the lock nut, sealing ring and stainless steel gasket of the cyclone separator into the air outlet pipe of the cyclone separator, and then insert them into the equipment air outlet pipe together to adjust the air outlet of the drying chamber and the cyclone separator The position of the air inlet is such that the two openings are straight and aligned. Connect the two openings with a clamp, and then tighten the lock nut of the cyclone separator.

3. Connect the collection bottle and the cyclone separator with a clamp

4. Connect the collecting pipe and the drying chamber with clamps.

5. Install the spray chamber on the equipment, and connect the 4 trachea (for needles) and 6 trachea (for spray).

6. Install the food-grade silicone tube to the peristaltic pump and insert it into the spray chamber inlet.

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